Meet our Receptionist: Bahati Balbina

Bahati-SECO_mini_mini Bahati-SECO_mini_mini

The first person you typically meet when you visit SECO’s headquarters is Bahati Balbina, our receptionist.

She is the go-to person for all practical information about the facilities and its people. “I’ve been here many years, almost since the beginning, and know most of our employees by name even though we have grown so much in recent years,” says Bahati. “We are one big family fighting for a common goal and that creates a unique team spirit and wonderful atmosphere,” she adds. Bahati has been with SECO for more than a decade, and despite having been with us for so long, she still feels like every day brings new, exciting experiences.

“I never thought I would be here for so many years, but the job never gets boring. I feel important and I know everyone in the house. I love getting up in the morning to go to work – it’s THE job!” she says and continues: “And I’m immensely proud of what SECO has achieved. It’s grand! – and to think I have been part of it too”.


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